I had done a fair bit of running but nothing came close to this… - Clarke Fitness

I had done a fair bit of running but nothing came close to this…

Before I started the A12 programme I had done a fair bit of running over the years & had done a bit of weights on and off from Jan & Feb this year.

Flicking through Facebook in the morning like most people do, Clarke Fitness kept appearing this A12 programme constantly in my mind, listening to this bearded man for a while, he was saying exactly what I wanted in my everyday life.

So I checked it out. They where 18 miles away from my home. Early starts ‘’hmm’’ a possibility as I work in Monaghan I can make this happen in my life I thought,  so I contacted Conor. He made me very relaxed & reassured me I could do this. I was probably the oldest in the group 45 years old to be precise. This didn’t stop me giving it everything I had. Conor was very re assuring giving me the confidence that a programme like this was no problem to me.


So I said, I AM IN

So April 24 we got started 60 sessions in 12 weeks I thought OMG. Most people don’t do 60 session in 12 months so here I was staring my journey. But you know what….

Every day we went in each & every one of us was mentally and physically stronger.  The camaraderie within the group was second to none and everyone was spurring each other on. The WhatsApp group was were the craic was it was  flat out & thats how Conor new if our diet was on track or not. We knew about it if we didn’t adhere to the plan. Which is an excellent way to keep everyone on their toes.
The changes I experienced were immense the stubborn fat was disappearing rapidly. I dropped down from 94 kg to 83kg within the 12 weeks. My strength gains were awesome also I was benching my old 1 rep max for multiple sets.

I felt so good within myself so when the photo shoot came this was something I’d never experience before in my life. Here I was taking my shirt of ‘’Never Before in Public’’ it was just another challenge Conor & Stevie the photographer overcome this fear.

On getting my professional photograph while I was driving home from a football match & I open it on my phone lol.  I nearly drove into a field. JAZUS I couldn’t believe this is where I have got to , my body had got into this shape of its life #ProudAsPunch.

I don’t think I would have ever been able to get into this sort of shape with out the help and guidance of the team at Clarke Fitness. If you are thinking of giving this programme a go ,  don’t think about it to long as you are only wasting time. Get on it , if you want to better yourself and get in the shape of your life.

I can safely say I made friends for life & I had the most enjoyable 12 weeks of my life on by the way toughest too. I will continue to use Clarke Fitness & will recommend to everyone.

A massive thanks to Conor & his team Cheers.

Keep ER Fit & R.L.F
James ’Mr J’ Campbell



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