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I was on holiday when it really hit home…..

To be honest I was never a gym person or really into fitness. It was on holidays a few months ago in Portugal where it really it home with me. I was badly out of shape and wasn’t happy within myself. I

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I was apprehensive about starting the gym……

It took a lot of persuading from my wife to get me to the gym as I was very apprehensive. I knew myself that I needed to start looking after  myself better. I wasn’t getting any younger and I had

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After seeing my before and afters side by side……

So after 7 long hard weeks I have time to reflect and look back on what I have achieved. Because after seeing my before and after photos side by side that is exactly what I feel, a massive sense of achievement. Before

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We Can Help You & Its FREE !!

Clarke Fitness was established in 2014 by me and my brother Ronan. We have set target to help as many people as possible to change their lifestyles through our Transformation Trilogy ( Mindset, Nutrition

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I was never really into the gym much, UNTIL !!

To be honest I was never really into the gym much, maybe the odd bit of walking or something along those lines. I would never really put myself down as a gym freak until I discovered the #R30 at Clarke

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