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How to booze and still lose………

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Its coming up to Christmas and all the parties that you will be having with your family and friends. All those delicious foods will be in abundance along with some good old fashioned booze such as wines, spirits and beers.

For me personally I will be drinking Coors Light and eating salt and vinegar Pringles with a few selection boxes there in for good measure ha ha. After all it is Christmas and who wants to give up on the food and booze they enjoy at this time of year. Well not me thats for sure.

I want to show you how its possible to enjoy Christmas have your beers and all the cheat meals you want but still lose weight. People would call me mad but sure hey its Christmas.

For the vast majority of us drinking alcohol is part of enjoying life and the good news is you can still booze and lose. We have been and even I have said losing weight and alcohol don’t mix and to be honest that is true as there is no real benefit to drinking alcohol and losing weight.

Alcohol won’t help you lose fat but it won’t shut down your body’s ability to keep you thin either.

You need to know these simple points.

  1. A calorie deficit = weight loss. Consume fewer calories than you body needs you will lose weight. Eat more than it needs you will gain weight.
  2. Macronutrients = Protein ,Carbs and Fats. Alcohol is often considered as a fourth macronutrient as it contains calories
  3. Each macronutrient contains a specific number of calories per gram:
    • Protein has 4 calories per gram
    • Carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram
    • Fats have 9 calories per gram
    • Alcohol has 7 calories per gram
  4. One of the characteristics of alcohol is that it is not easily or directly stored as fat. The damage is done from the food you consume while on a session on the day or two after it.
  5. The reason why ?? Your liver will see to get rid of alcohol first as the body sees it as a toxin. So its pauses the fat burning while trying to get rid of the toxins.

So when boozing this Christmas what I would do is do it in moderation. But the key is try an get for a quick run or even do a home workout of some sort. Get the last session , gym session in on xmas eve this will set you up for the week a head and you will hi the ground running.

Take a look at the calorie chart below. Know what your daily calories are in terms of food and try and stay under it.

If you need to work out your daily calories check out the video below


Check out the alcohol chart below


So to summarise here is what to do.

  1. Know the amount of calories you need to consume.
  2. Know which drinks are the biggest calories consumers
  3. Keep yourself active over the festive season as well just don’t stop exercising as you would find most people do.Just make sure you have a happy and safe Christmas with your family and friends.Any questions let us know


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