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Do Boot camps Really Work….????

Boot camps, Boot camps , Boot camps have been around since the early days. Once someone or something got into them everyone was doing them. Don’t get me wrong they can be great for shedding the pounds and all round cardio vascular fitness BUT they don’t work for fat loss.

Have you ever been to a boot camp session?? Or do you know what one is?? Well depending on size boot camps are usually manned by one or two people. All boot camps stress on cardio and how hard they get people to work. What you are not being assisted with is resistance training and nutrition which are the key component of fat loss.

Yes cardio is a great thing, but in order to maintain your goals of weight loss and have definition you need to eat right and lift weights! Lifting a 5kg dumbbell in your boot camp is not sufficient enough, and the amount of reps you are doing are too high in order to stress the muscle enough so it can grow, which is the point in lifting weights. More muscle = increased metabolism = fat loss! When you follow lifting weights by cardio, like in boot camp workouts you eventually enter an aerobic state, which burns up your glycogen (carbohydrate) stores! Once those are used up your body relies on easily accessible protein to use as fuel!! This is BAD! This is called catabolism, your body starts eating up your own muscle for energy!

Will you lose weight doing boot camps? Yes, but it isn’t just fat, you are burning fat and muscle and you will very quickly reach a plateau! Boot camps aren’t all BAD, in addition to a weight training regime and a great nutritional plan!

If your constantly doing cardio all the time you will burn your body out. Your body’s ability to burn more and more calories gets less effective and this can be detriment to your over all fitness goal.

So you need to think twice in regards your fitness goals cardio cardio cardio can be bad if your looking to achieve  fat loss because as stated above once you have used up all your glycogen stores your body will then turn to the protein as it  eats at your muscle for energy.

Il let you in on a we secret……

We construct our C FIT-45 ,Strength Skills & Conditioning (SSC)  class in a way that you are able to get the best of both worlds, ie increase lean muscle mass and melt the fat.

Your probably wondering how we do this. However it is pretty simple when you know what you are doing. Our very own SSC is programmed 3 months in advance i.e 12 week blocks. It is programmed in such a way that in takes into account certain variables, volume , intensity and density. These variable and the 12 week blocks are also applied to our CFIT45 class also. If your wondering what these variables mean for example:  the total number of sets x reps would be your volume. The intensity would be the % of a certain weight you used and the density is how long it is for.

However if your not interested in fat loss and you want to drop a few pounds by all means keep at the boot camps as they will work but make sure you are not constantly over worked in order to achieve your goal.

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