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After a back injury I struggled to keep in shape

Due to a back injury I struggled with my overall general fitness. I have been  very sport orientated all my  life playing various sports from soccer to hurling  and excelled at them all ha ha. However the constant set backs from my back injury lead me to lose all interest in all the sports that I loved so much.

I attended physio and chiropractors all over the country to try and resolve the issue but I couldn’t seem to find one that could help. It wasn’t until I met a fella at wok one day and he gave the number of a physio that fixed him , he had a similar problem to me. After attending this physio he was able to tell me the problem. My core was non existent and and my hamstrings and glutes where as tight as hell. I needed to build  my core up and constantly stretch and loosen my hamstrings and glutes.

I had waited a year before I got sorted with the physio so 1 year of eating and drinking was not good for my old body shape as you ay notice from my photos. I knew now that I had to join a gym and get myself in shape. I had seen and heard of the work the team at Clarke Fitness had been doing.

Whilst off work one day I was driving through Armagh and I decided to call into Clarke Fitness. To be honest I knew what I was looking and after chatting to the lads I signed up to their 12 week transformation program. This was what I needed something that was structured and monitored on a daily basis to allow me to get in the best possible shape inside 12 weeks.

To be honest I was a bit concerned what way I would fair out as I’m a stone mason by trade and was always on site. The life of a trades man on the road or the site is one of bacon buddies and frys lol. I knew this was something that needed to change.

Prior to signing up to the program starting in September I began myself to make slight adjustments to my nutrition. The nutrition on the program was pretty simple and easy to follow and I adapted to life pretty quick with it. I was now on a clean healthy living as well as training.

The initial 5 times per week training for the first week or two was hard to adapt to but it becomes easier as the weeks go on. I remember the first night starting off bench pressing an empty bar and leaving the gym hardly fit the lift my arms. This was all in good tune though as I always knew the first day would be the toughest as I was prepared for some D.O.M.s (delayed onset muscle soreness). This is always something new gym goers experience.

The overall structure of the program I loved as you knew what you were doing on a daily basis. Another great perk of the program was that you were always improving week to week. You would be aware of your weights going up and time increases in the circuits, to me this was great as it gave you the incentive to push on.

Looking back at the program which I have completed I feel nothing but a sense of achievement. I’m overwhelmed by my photos seeing how far I have come. I now for the first time in years feel physically and mentally strong.

I would like to thank all the team at Clarke Fitness for their support and coaching over the course of the 12 week period. I hold them in the highest regard and I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to transform themselves mentally and physically.



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