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At An All Time Low…

After completing the R30 programme with Clarke Fitness, I can honestly and without hesitation say I am at a loss for words and those who know me that’s very unusual. For 18 months I attended SSC and boot camp with Clarkes, I achieved good weight loss and fitness results however due to personal circumstances I stopped attending. As a result, my physical and mental health deteriorated significantly. Feeling at an all-time low, I rarely went out unless it was for work. A friend suggested the R30 programme to which I laughed. How could I complete this with my fitness level so low? How could I put on gym clothes without looking like a beached whale? How could I keep up with others? How could I do such an early start? (as I was constantly tired) Would I be setting myself up for a fail? Were just o few of the questions circulating in my mind (all unhelpful thinking fed by negative automatic thoughts).

Working as a counsellor/psychotherapist I often discuss the positives of exercise and routine so I felt like a fraud if I was unwilling to take my own advice. I therefore nervously joined up to an 8-week programme of 4 mornings per week. This included excellent nutrition advice, weights (suited to each individual) and circuit training. On the first morning I felt anxious and sick, my self defeating attitude was consuming and my mind was in utter conflict. Ronan (the coach) helped me feel safe and secure in the class, his encouraging words enabled me to believe in myself. The hardest thing was putting my foot over the door, anything after that was a bonus. The group offered great support to each other daily in the classes and also online apps. After the first week I was buzzing, I looked forward to the high feeling after each class. Going out socially became something I looked forward to for the first time in a long time.

The classes were varied catering for everyone and Ronan took a keen interest in our nutrition programme. After week 4 I could notice a shift in my weight but more importantly my family and friends noticed my mood lift. I didn’t spend time worrying in bed at night as to ‘what will I wear tomorrow’ as most of my clothes were tight and uncomfortable. I could now open the wardrobe and choose what I wanted with out the dred.

After completion I have achieved a good weight loss and loss of inches. To say I’m sad it’s over would be a lie, however I have already joined up to boot camps again and look forward with optimism to a new challenge. I done this for myself as I now believe self care is not a luxury it is a necessity in the busy lives we all have. Although this was for me it has had such an impact on everything else in my life. I now feel good about me and that’s OK.

The words thank you sound miniscule in comparison to what I have got from this programme. The R30 was one of the most enjoyable things I have done with a great sense of achievement at the end.

All I can say is if you are thinking you need something to change in your life but are defeating yourself with negative thoughts then just put that one foot over the door and the guys from Clarke Fitness will guide you to a healthier place. I couldn’t imagine another gym where the trainers take such a genuine interest in their clients. There is no judgement just support.




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