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I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I tried so hard to get fit but couldn't....

This program changed all that 

 I was into fitness a few years back, really enjoyed going to classes and trying to get stronger in training but that gym closed so I tried to find a new gym but nothing was motivating me. After this I went through a very difficult time in my life and I tried so hard to get back into fitness but it just wasn’t happening for me. I tried different classes, gyms, instructors but I just couldn’t stick to anything. My eating was getting out of hand and I just continued to gain weight, a little oblivious to what I was actually gaining. It wasn't helping my mental health at all.

I just couldn’t focus on eating properly or actually sticking at a gym for more than a couple of weeks. I would start off great, going three times a week but the motivation and the want to actually go would slip and old habits would pop back up again.

I am not sure if it was me that was the problem or I just couldn’t find a gym I absolutely loved. I did find one gym in Monaghan which I grew to love but the motivation for me was lacking and I felt everyone else in the class was moving at a faster pace than me and I was getting left behind.

 I know that sounds strange and was at no fault of the trainer but I just didn’t enjoy it because everyone else seemed on the same level apart from me and I just felt so demotivated and very frustrated, mainly with myself.

My eating habits were so bad too and I just couldn’t get a grip on emotional eating to be honest. Food was a comfort to me in every situation life threw at me. 

I explained to a friend how I was feeling and he recommended that I look up Conor’s videos and the A12 program. For some reason something just clicked when I saw the videos and my friend explained what kind of training would be involved.

I was heading off to America and thought sure I will register online and see what the story is and Conor rang me back, he was so nice and he booked me into the A12 when I came back from America.  I had time to enjoy myself on holiday but knew in the back of my head that if I didn’t focus on the A12 when I came home then I should just give up altogether. This was my last resort. 

When I first started this all, I focused on losing weight (ALOT). I know I was wreaking everyone’s head wondering why it wasn’t happening super-fast. I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to lose it in a short time.  I was a fan of detoxes and quick fix diets but these don't work, you just gain weight back and twice as much. Because I was going 5 days a week, getting advice from Conor and Pete and concentrating on my diet, I started to realise that this was a life change. The less I focused on weight the more I started to actually lose weight.  My strength went up and was starting to get my confidence back within weeks. 


Honestly, without the support and knowledge that Conor and Pete gave along with the support from members in the gym who had already done the A12 or those on my course, I don’t think I would have stuck it out. It’s hard, I totally admit I found it tough and you really do have to be consistent and you have to have the motivation to complete it. I struggled at week 5 but I kept going because of the support from the guys in the gym. It’s a little family and everyone is there to support each other.  Conor, Pete, the other trainers and members want to see you do well and want you to achieve your goals. Not short-term goals but life long goals.

Yes, I still focus on weight but I focus more on building strength and getting fitter in the gym now. I still struggle with food especially chocolate but I defiantly have better control and will power due to focusing on it so much with the A12. 


I still have a long way to go but I honestly can say I am so much happier, motivated and ready to reach some new goals with the help of Conor and his team. I have set myself so many fitness goals for 2019 and I excited to see what I can achieve. This is only the beginning. 

"This program has changed so many peoples lives it can change yours too "

''I just couldn't focus on eating or actually sticking at a gym for more than a couple of weeks until I came across Clarke Fitness''

Arlene montgomery

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I started going to Clarke Fitness a few months ago. I have a back injury so I am wary about going to just any gym or trainer. Conor was recommended to me by another trainer and calling him was the best move I made.
He is very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. Him and his team will tweak the exercise to suit. You will quickly see progress
Going to a new gym can be daunting but this one has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Between Conor, Grace and Pete, there is always someone on hand If you feel you need to go to a gym for whatever reason, I thoroughly recommend you give Clarke Fitness a call


So, 25 years of detesting gyms and then I discovered Clarke Fitness!
Connor  and Pete are invested in every single persons Health and Fitness goals. The Small Group Personal Training is challenging, rewarding and great craic. The lads have you pushing yourself to achieve goals you never thought possible.
Someone is always on hand to answer any queries you might have regarding nutrition and their knowledge on the subject is unquestionable. 
One month in....2Kilos lost and 8 inches gone forever. The results speak for themselves.


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