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I was apprehensive about starting the gym……

It took a lot of persuading from my wife to get me to the gym as I was very apprehensive. I knew myself that I needed to start looking after  myself better. I wasn’t getting any younger and I had got myself into a bit of a rut.

Starting this program meant that I had to give up on my morning rituals of sausages and bacon sandwiches and tea or coffee lol. Its very true when people say once your in a rut its hard to get out of it. I most certainly know that now.At the start it was tough as my body was adapting to the undue stress that it was under. I had never felt anything like this. Well as far as I can remember it was maybe my younger days that I experienced this type of training. But most certainly not at this level. One thing about this program is that it is very well structured as you know what your doing from one day to the next. The nutrition is very simple to follow and easy laid out. Ronan was always on hand to answer any questions that you had. To be honest its pretty simple as I just cut out all this shit that I was eating such as chocolate and crips, sausage sandwiches ect. After I done this the difference I noticed in myself was immense.

At present I am currently half way through my second wave of the program and loving it. To think back to where I started to where I am now , the difference is unbelievable. All you need to do is look at the pictures below. I look and feel 10 years younger.

As far as Clarke Fitness goes I can say only positive things about them as they have helped and guided me on this journey to becoming a better version of myself. The great thing about this gym is the atmosphere as everyone is really positive even at 6am in the mornings lol. The team is always on hand to help you out no matter what.

The coaches are there to get the best out of you and they push you to your limit. I would most certainly recommend this program to anyone no matter what level of fitness as It can be tailored to suit everyones needs. The team is so accommodating in that respect. I personally  have seen great results in myself and the others on the program. If your reading this and thinking that you couldn’t do it or thats not for me, all I can say is if you do it you won’t regret. This program really works if you listen to the team and do the work. One thing for sure is don’t think by showing up you will get the results follow the nutritional protocol that the team lay out and you will succeed. If I was to give any advice to anyone after my experience of this program it would be to get active whether it was walking or hitting the gym and also try yourself to make better food choices because you will notice a serious difference in energy levels and your overall mood.



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