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I was always fit but a recent injury set me back

I was always fit but a double shoulder dislocation later and surgery set me back for a while.

People have the perception that if  your a Personal Trainer that you live and die by the sword training 5 -6 times per week and eating clean all the time. This is most definitely not the case as we are human and we do occasionally let our guard down. In my situation I let it down for 6-7 months due to injury.1 stone and 7lb later.

It felt like I was never going to get back to full fitness. But after 16 weeks I got the  all clear from the physio to start running and lifting weights again as part of the rehabilitation process. This was the  go ahead to get myself back to some sort of shape. I needed a goal of some sort to keep me focused so I decided on an 8 week transformation including a photoshoot. I was nervous to say the least and I don’t know why. Probably because I was the one that the pressure was under like so many others who I have taken under my wing and successfully transformed. Having helped hundreds of people over my 10 year career as a PT to transform themselves both physically and mentally. Now it was my turn to go from being out of shape to my best shape possible in 8 weeks.

To be honest I can now sympathise with people who have came to me past and present who have been looking to

transform. I totally understand their struggles and apprehensions in trying to get themselves in healthy shape both body and mind. It also takes a lot of courage for someone to reach out for help. I was the one reaching out myself using my very own skill set that I have learnt and developed over a 10 year period.

I now  knew what it was like for the first time in my life to be  overweight and carry a lot of body fat. I now booked the shoot and had made a commitment to myself to get the best out of myself inside 8 weeks. Transforming your body is by no means easy. I would have to give up the food I became so accustomed to over the period of 6-7 months. Bags of monster munch pickled onion, twirls , goujon meals , pizza , Chinese and indian’s all out the window. The night before it all kicked off I had my last supper as the man says. I’ll not tell you what it was as it ended up down the toilet the next morning ha ha.

Personally the first week was the toughest for me. I now was adjusting myself back into what I used to do. Prepping food and being organised totally for the week ahead. The cupboards where and still our stocked with all healthy foods, good sources of protein , beef , lamb , pork , eggs and fish , good sources of carbohydrates sweet potato and brown rice , porridge and fats , olive oil extra virgin ,coconut butter also.

The best part of my transformation programmes is the ” CHEAT DAY ”, they can be epic well mine were. Il show you what I posted in the Clarke Fitness Inner Circle on the day I devoured all this stuff. I firmly believe you should always have a cheat day as a reward system for your commitment to your training regime. So you don’t have to give up on all the foods you love.

The key to a successful transformation lies in how focused your are in order to achieve your goal. I was one focused dude as I had wasted 7 months eating shite and doing nothing. My training consisted of lifting weights lots of them and doing as little as 80 minutes  cardio a week. To some that may seem like loads  but its not even 2 of our bootcamp classes.

Lets talk numbers its really mad when I think of the strength I lost with my 6-7 months out. I started of benching 30 kg and doubled it and more in 8 weeks for multiple reps. Week 1 one chin up was out of the question. Week 8 , 50 chins with 10 kg strapped to me.

So I completed the 40 sessions in eight weeks and dropped 21 lbs and got really strong both physically and mentally. I was back were I had set out to be.

What I have learned over my years as a coach that you don’t need to train people with the mentality of a drill sergeant in the army. I see a lot of this in the industry today. Get your nutrition on point and and make sure you have the right coach for the job.

By completing my own Transformation programme I found out a lot about it. It does what it exactly sets out to do and that it totally transforms the individual that takes it on.

My goal as a coach is guiding my clients to become the best version of themselves and this is what exactly I done with myself.

I know there are people out there who are in similar situations where they have got set backs and not able to bounce back from them.

If your reading this and you have been in a similar situation to me were you have got a set back and struggled to bounce back. I know for sure I can help.




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