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It’s not about ABS, or spending hours in the gym.

We use the gym to have an amazing life outside of it, with less pain and stiffness, and more energy to enjoy quality time with the family.

  • CALL: Get on a call where we see if were the right gym for you
  • CONSULT: Go through your initial assessment provide a plans
  • COACHING: Deliver results
  • CONTINUED SUCCESS: Keep them for life

Every client has the full support outside the gym for nutrition and lifestyle coaching. And they have the guidance of a coach on the floor as they train with the rest of the gym community each day. Instead of just telling you what it is, it’s more impactful to show you!

Ok so we lift weights and do cardio BUT that's not really that important... It’s not about what we do in the gym it’s about what we give you outside the gym. We use fitness as a domino to impact other areas of your life. Regain control of nutrition, lose a few inches, get out of pain, so you come home after a hard day with the energy to enjoy real quality time with the family

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No pushy sales just impartial advice from a professional coach


Real coaches who live real lives outside of the gym and who get you.

We have families and all that goes with it to. When you want support and guidance we’re with you every step of the way. 

As one member put it:

“You’ll walk out feeling better than you walked in”

You're Ninja Coaching Team

One of the most important aspects of a client's long term results is that they make tangible progress that impacts areas of their lives outside the gym.

At Clarke Fitness we've got your back.

We're so confident, your initial consultation is completely free.

Don't worry, this consultation isn't a workout to make you sweat.
It's our chance to hear your story and provide a plan that's right for you.

A message from your coach...

Clarke Fitness is a family owned, client centered personal training gym.
Each and every member genuinely matters to me and the team, what we do is much more than just fitness.
I understand the people we train and the lives they live because most of them are like me.
I run this business, have a wife and kids and all the stress that goes along with it.
For us fitness isn't about abs and muscles it's about increasing your capacity to do the things that matter, the things you enjoy.

It's about living life to the full.
Because I'm busy and so are you, I don't want to waste your time, money or energy, jump on a 5 minute call to see how we can help and if we're a good fit.

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No pushy sales just impartial advice from a professional coach