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9 Reason why your not losing……

Training hard and Nutrition on point yet but still you are confused why your not losing that last bit of stubborn fat.

Take a look at these reasons that I think why people can’t shift the last bit.


1) You are eating too many calories.

This sound obvious but you would be surprised with the amount of people that just don’t realise this. Calories add up, yes even the ones that you write down in your food diary. Drinks are a big culprit here.Milk or cream in your coffee, that can of coke and the odd biscuit here and there and very quickly you can find yourself over your calorie intake for the day.

The bottom line is this.

Eat less calories. Your digestive system as well as your waistline will thank you for it

2) You are not eating ENOUGH calories.

The flip side to that coin is under-eating. Less is definitely not more in this case. When you restrict calories, which is what happens on a low calorie diet, your body conserves every last morsel of energy and goes into starvation mode. Your metabolism drastically drops so you lose muscle, store fat and generally feel like crap. I often see it when people are losing body fat.Your body doesn’t want to have a six pack and will fight you tooth and nail in trying to preserve that healthy layer of adipose tissue around your mid section.

Trick – overeat for a few days and this massively ramps up hormone production and can accelerate stubborn fat loss.

3) You are eating too much fat.

We need a good source of fat in our diet for so many things but if you think that eating 2 lbs of bacon and 3 tablespoons of heavy cream in your coffee in the morning is gonna get you ripped then think again. Fat contains 9kcal per gram which is over double the amount contained in protein and carbs. 1 gram of essential fats per kg of body weight from sources such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil and the yolk from organic free range eggs will serve you well.

4) Your sleep is lousy.

We burn most of our fat when we sleep and contrary to what we previously believed, your metabolic rate can actual rise during sleep if you have trained and eaten well during the day. Needs differ from person to person and let’s face it, given the choice, most of us would all have an extra hour in bed if we could but that doesn’t mean it’s optimal.

For me personally, 6.5 – 7hrs works well.

5) You are too stressed.

When highly stressed your body holds food.


6) You are eating too many nuts.

Bring a whole bag of nuts with you for the day at your peril.If you are anything like me, you will smash the whole bag in the course of 8 hrs.This healthy snack in moderation can blow the whole deal very quickly.Use nuts like condiments. Sparingly.

7) You are not training heavy enough.

You have to train heavy but this is relative of course. What is heavy for one person could be quite light for the next so train as heavy as you can and focus on getting strong, particularly for ladies.

8) You are over doing cardio.

I’ve mentioned this so many times and it’s frustrating to see people in commercial gyms pounding the treadmills expecting to get results. If you are a runner then run but if you want to burn fat, then focus on high intensity activities rather than conventional cardio. You should be skipping, sprinting, pushing a sled and picking up the heaviest dumbbells you can find and walking for 60 secs before you break ( Farmers walk). If you go to the gym four time per week, three of those sessions should be weight training and the last one should be some type of HIIT.

9) You are drinking too many protein shakes.

Now this is just laziness for most people. I am a big believer that a protein shake can enhance results but lets look at what a protein shake is.It’s just a convenient and rapid way of getting protein into your system and should be used primarily after a workout. Far too many people have one for breakfast (laziness), one mid afternoon and one after training.This means it will spike your blood sugar causing a release of insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. You can work out the rest. Use your protein shake post work out and if a second is needed, have a source of smart fats with it like a portion of nuts or a few capsules of fish oil as this will blunt the insulin response.


Try to implemented all these ASAP and let me know how you get on.



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