ros-blog-2Before I started the A12 I was in a bad routine, not eating in the mornings and eating takeaways 4 times a week which lead to weight gain, not sleeping properly and also had no energy or motivation to do anything. ‘’This had to change’’.  I had been researching in ways that I could get better as the football season was in mid-flight. I needed a complete Life style change. I came across the A12 which really caught my eye. It GUARANTEED results in such a short space of time, just what I needed. So contacted Conor and we took it from there and I never looked back. To be honest it just wasn’t as simple as handing over the payment. You begin to realise when you are signing up for something like this you are investing in yourself.  Some people think that as soon as the payment is made that’s it. I’m not going to lie ‘’Its hard work and dedication to get the end results of the photoshoot. A quote that I learnt along my A12 journey was ‘’ IF IT WAS EASY EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT’’. This rang a bell with me as it really hit home as I knew that this program would definitely bring the best out in me.


12 week program

The actual A12 journey was intense but I loved every minute of it. Looking back at the photos I realise how far I came in such a short space of time. After all I only did 9 weeks and my results speak for themselves. Prior going into the program as I said previous my eating habits were non-existent energy levels were low and had no motivation to do anything. Week 4 in the program and I was bouncing, my strength was increasing I had changed my diet and I was full of energy. The major thing that I took away from the program was the change in my MIND-SET. The reason for this is because at the start I didn’t believe I would get the end product as I didn’t believe in myself, this was quickly alleviated as a got engrossed in the program.

Looking back now don’t be like me and think that you can’t do this!! One thing is for sure that this program can be done by anyone as long as you listen and come in the right frame of mind you will achieve the results that you want. I know one thing is for sure that I will be continuing the training and the nutrition that I have done on the program.
Overall I would recommend the A12 if you want to get into the shape of your life and really take you’re training to the next level. Noting in life comes easy you have to work for it so get on this program if you want to get the best out of yourself.

 12 week program

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