Curious about getting into shape and turning their life around? As a personal trainer working in a semi private PT facility ,Clarke Fitness  we know the impact,  we have had on clients , they’ve completely changed their body, mind and spirit. It’s not all six packs and bulging biceps…

Quality Personal Training will give you more than that! Here’s 3 ways a personal trainer will change your life.


How long have you been in a gym? A few weeks, a few months or even years? Have you seen any drastic improvement? If not, then it’s time to get it sorted once and for all. If you don’t know how to perform exercises properly, understand what/when to eat or how to make basic programs then you need a Personal Trainer.

A good Personal trainer will take the thinking out of health and fitness for you which leaves you free to just worry about the doing the work to get results.

The common thing that holds you back from making progress is not knowing when to change it up and what weights to use in order to keep your body progressing. This is what a good personal trainer will take care of!!!

You want results? Get a PT!!

#2 – They Will Change Your Perspective on being Fit & Healthy


When results start to come your way after a few weeks/months with your Personal Trainer; you’ll soon start to change your outlook on what Health is!

We often have clients who came to us just starting out in the gym who didn’t really know what they wanted.

First it was to wake up in the morning and not feel in pain or have energy to be productive. Then it became about looking and feeling better once the first 2 had been accomplished. And even after that the goal became about being a stronger person both physically, mentally and spiritually.

That client has said to me several times how their life has changed in the last 6 months of training with me. They never expected to go as far as they have in such a short time.

Their perspective on fitness, themselves and life in general has become a far more positive since starting their journey with a personal trainer!

#3 – They’ll Motivate You to Do Anything In Life


After a few months of training with a PT. Going to the gym shouldn’t be a chore anymore; it should be habit!

When you become consistent with something and then get results and reach goals as a result. You start to develop conviction as a person and that leaks into everything you do in life.

When you’ve been tested as a human(Personal Trainers should test you) and overcome it then everything in life doesn’t seem as daunting.

Whether that’s starting a new business, going for a new job or doing that things you’ve always wanted to do but lacked the confidence to do!

When you prove to yourself that you can change your body then changing your life comes much easier..

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