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168 Hours

Throughout my years coaching this is or has to be one of the most common reasons why people say they can’t exercise. I hear it time and time again.  I don’t have time or they would say their is not enough hours in the day for me and some of the other B.S that goes with it.  Everyone is given the same amount of hours in the day and I’ve worked and coached busy professionals who simply make time to give themselves a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone gets 24 hours a day. Its how YOU use them that matters!!!

168 Hours

That’s the total number of hours in a week.

Let’s say we sleep for 48 hours on a week that leaves us with 120 hours

Ok…….minus 50 hours for work and travel leaves us with 70.

70 Hours to do whatever we want. YOU’RE CHOICE.

A bit harsh you may think…………..

So out of that 70 hours do you think it would be feasible to spend a minimum of 3 hours on yourself to go training every week.?  YES

67 Hours Left

Is it ok to spend at least 6 hours prepping and cooking good food for you and your family ? Then spend at least 6 hours eating together? YES

55 Hours Left

I know what you are thinking. Friends , Family and playing with the kids. Great Idea. 21 Hours  to do this .

34 Hours Left

How about 8 hours for TV? Yeah if you really want

26 hours to go

8 Hours for Hobbies or studies?

18 hours left

Bathing and Personal hygiene 3 hours per week?  Please do this .

15 Hours left to do whatever floats your boat. Bottom line  is, whatever YOU do with YOUR 70 Hours is your choice.

No one should feel guilty for finding the time to do any of the activities mentioned.

BUT…….. YOU SHOULD FEEL GUITY IF YOU SAY DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO TRAIN, time to prep and eat good food together, time to see friends and family ,time to play with the kids and time to do the things that make you happy.

Each and every one of us is given 168 Hours a week and millions of people who have equally busy lives do find the time to do all the above. One thing for sure through, if you keep failing to achieve your goals. IT’S DEFINITELY NOT TIME’S FAULT.

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