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13 Things You Need To Do Before Xmas…….


Its that time of year again where people start to really enjoy the festive season. You often hear of people stop exercising on the run up to Christmas. Most of the time there is no excuse for the cease of exercise, it may  just be there way of being lazy. This can be detriment in some cases where I’ve witnessed people put on up 24lbs or more in the month of December. I often tell people just the keep exercising and just go ahead and enjoy the festivities. Basically train and be good with your nutrition in moderation.

However I’m going to give you things that you must do in order to burn body fat………..

If I was looking to burn body fat (who isn’t?)

I’d focus on the following 13 things:

1. 2g protein per kg of my intended body weight and keep an eye on my overall calories.

2. Quality sleep. 6-8hrs every night.

3. 2-3 litres of water per day.

4. Weight train at least 3 times per week – If I was a woman, maybe more.

5. Use compound exercises every session.

6. Hit the gym hard for 45-60min MAX.

7. Schedule my gym sessions and make them a priority.

8. Continue to drink coffee every day (just because)

9. Take a quality vitamin and mineral & fish oil supplement every day.

10. Eliminate or reduce stress as much as possible.

11. Get up 30min earlier than I need to and read and then write in a journal.

12. Write my goals down, pin them on the fridge with my favourite fridge magnet and tell my friends my goals.

13. Be consistent EVERY DAY for a period of 6 weeks or more

There are many other things you could add to this list but these would be a great start.

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