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12 weeks what have I signed up for….

Wow ……. 12 weeks what have I signed up for.

This was my initial thought. Looking back now.

I can’t believe I’ve just completed Armaghs 12 Week Physique. To be honest I was never really a gym person so this was a challenge for me. 99% of the time I would have started the gym and then stopped. I put this down to lack of motivation and direction on where I wanted to go. But however this time it was different. I knew as soon as I applied to take part in the program it was different. Then meeting Conor & Ronan I knew these boys meant business. They were there to help you achieve that end goal that I much desired but couldn’t seem to get there.

That was it , I left the meeting feeling confident that I could do this knowing I was going to be helped with everything along the way. To be honest the only thing I was concerned about was my level of fitness as I was only playing recreational soccer.  However everyone was in the same boat. Training in a semi private environment was absolutely brillant because everyone helped push each other on an the advice and the support from the team at Clarke Fitness was second to none.

I found that I adapted to the weight lifting sessions quickly. Not only did my physique change really quickly my strength levels went through the roof. From starting pressing an empty bar to benching nearly 80kg for multiple reps was pretty damn good in my book. The team are also very precise with there coaching methods and always ensure proper technique.

For me what I enjoyed most about the 12 weeks was the crack in the gym. The amount of laughs we had during  the program was great. Fitness is there to be enjoyed and not loathed. Its hard work at the time but also very rewarding once you start seeing the results.

My biggest concern , well to be honest I’m probably like most people. They all fear the nutrition side if things. I was one of these people and to honest if your thinking about doing this program don’t fear the nutrition because it is made simple for you to follow. Just fear the PROWLER ha ha. In all fairness on a serious note you do need to make changes to your diet in order to see results but the level of support was second to none, so don’t be concerned about that. One thing I found and sure the majority of the lads that have done the program figured this out also. The key lies in being organised. If your organised the program will be a breeze.

To any of you guys that are reading this and sitting on the fence which at one point I was. Just go for it I guarantee you won’t regret it. It was the best decision I have personally made in terms of my health and fitness.

I’m now even scoring goals for Keady Celtic.

Ps Marcus missed about 10 days during the program and not one did I miss.



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